Managed Portfolios

An asset management service developed to meet the needs of individual investors or institutional who want a professional and personalized management of their portfolio because they do not have enough time and expertise to assemble and manage a portfolio of securities. Through a specific contract, the portfolio’s assets are managed on behalf of the client, according to pre-established investment guidelines to suit their profile.

The financial resources of the portfolios can move between investments in fixed or variable income segments, according to the opportunities offered by the market and the defined investment guidelines, always meeting the expectations of liquidity, profitability and security.


  • It is an extremely flexible and easily adjustable structure applicable to different investor profiles from the most conservative to the most aggressive strategies.
  • There is no transfer in ownership of securities. All the purchase and sale transactions are made in the clients name, and withdrawals can only be made strictly by the clients advisor.

Exclusive Fund

Aimed for individual investors or institutional clients who are interested in an initial investment of at least 1 million USD. In this case the client will retain Belvedere Investments as the manager, and together will elect the administrator and custodian in order to provide the service relevant to the corresponding transaction.


  • Professional Asset Management .
  • Transparency.
  • Agility in decision making.
  • Tax efficiency.


  • Consolidation of liquid and illiquid invest.
  • Open platform with products in Brazil and abroad.
  • Strong risk management and controls.
  • Independence from financial institutions.
  • Family inheritance planning.
  • Structuring and Asset Protection.
  • Reduce costs associated with investments.
  • Equity consolidation.